[gnhlug-announce] SLUG meeting tonight 9/9 at 7pm in Morse Hall rm 301

Robert Anderson rea at q.sr.unh.edu
Mon Sep 9 10:23:26 EDT 2002

At tonights meeting will be helping out David, a new SLUG member, get
more of his system functional.  The peripherals we'll be connecting
include: a usb printer, CD burner, and a scanner.

As Linux distributions today are fairly easy to get installed, our
focus will be on what you do AFTER the install.  Most new linux users
will have some familiarity with other operating systems, but not know
how to transfer that knowledge to Linux.

The SLUG group will be doing a series of meetings that will be
targeted toward new users.  We're also planning on doing an install
fest in later September or early October.  Hopefully a few new users
will get Linux installed and get a boost through some of the learning

Directions to Morse hall room 301 are available at http://slug.gnhlug.org

 Robert E. Anderson  		 	email: rea at sr.unh.edu
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