Monday: Text Editors, Newsreader, and News, oh my!

David J Berube djberube at
Wed Apr 28 23:20:01 EDT 2004

Hello all,

The next exciting CentraLUG meeting, this coming Monday, will feature a 
demonstration of the SCiTE text editor - a fantastic, lightweight, cross 
platform tool, as well as a fantastic preview of the Straw newsreader, and a 
free software/open source news discussion, covering topics like the SCO 
lawsuit as well as other important developments.

Plus, they'll be free caffeine.

As per usual, it's at the NHTI. You can get directions on the NHTI site:

It's in the Library/Learning Center/Bookstore, marked as "I" on that map. The 
room is 146, and it starts at 7:00. 

See you there,

Take it easy,

David J Berube
Berube Consulting
djberube at

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