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Rob Lembree rob at
Wed Dec 15 13:23:01 EST 2004

On Dec 15, 2004, at 11:08 AM, Rob Lembree wrote:

> Hi folks,
> 	I've been unable to reserve the room at Marthas for the meeting
> tonight.  That's not to say it's unavailable, but they haven't gotten
> back to me.
> 	HOWEVER, we will have a meeting tonight, and worst case,
> we'll just chat downstairs in the restaurant.

By the way, I have ISO images for The Open CD 2, The new X Live CD
and Fedora Core 3.  If you want any of these, bring blank media, and
I'll burn as much as I can.  If you want Fedora Core 3, please bring 
media becase I can write those faster than the 4 CD set.

Rob Lembree
Advanced Technology Group
SavaJe Technologies, Inc.

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