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Fri Dec 31 15:05:01 EST 2004

Hey all,

My fault about the migration - lol. Anyway, I'm definitely up for 
meeting @ 6:30. As you alluded to in point #2, perhaps backing the idea 
up a bit would be good - maybe a scripting languages UG or even a 
software development group? That would enable us to attract attention to 
Python more, as well as talk about scripting languages in general, and 
give us a strong user base to start from.

One idea I'd like to integrate into CentraLUG that might work well for 
such a group: Short, ten minute book reviews/synopsises from members 
during a meeting.

It'd be extremely nice to introduce some Microsoft developers to 
scripting concepts - I know that personally I've had excellent success 
mixing Microsoft technologies with  scripting languages. I'm also, as I 
said, very interested in learning more about Python - and about software 
development in general; I don't think there's anywhere around here to 
discuss Agile or Extreme methodologies, except perhaps SWANH, but I 
don't think that's covered by them very often.

FYI all, books and other swag from O'Reilly are in - might give away one 
on Monday.

In any case, I'm definitely up for 6:30.

Take it easy,


David Berube
Berube Consulting
djberube at

Ted Roche wrote:

> Somehow I think our discussion migrated from the GNHLUG group to the 
> CentraLUG group mailing list. I've taken the liberty of addressing all 
> of the "me, too" people individually.
> I'm also interested in a Python SIG. I've seen this done a couple of 
> different ways, and want to toss out some ideas to see if any might work:
> 1. Arnold Bilansky, an activist in the groups that meet in Waltham, 
> and former Boston Computer Society board member, created a LearnVB 
> group years ago, and then the group spent a year working their way 
> through a book, chapter by chapter. This had some advantages for folks 
> willing to take a year to learn, and forced everyone to read the 
> chapter, but feels too slow to me. But a book study group might be a 
> great idea, perhaps on a different time schedule.
> 2. Guy and I had a lot of success a few years  ago with an "early" 
> session where we spent 12 monthly meetings discussing "How an Idea 
> Becomes An Application," walking through the processes of 
> investigation, negotiation, data gathering, design, testing, 
> documentation, construction and deployment for a commercial 
> application. Run from 6 PM to 7 PM before the "main" meeting, they 
> attracted a crowd.
> 3. Other UGs I know have a "Newbie" session for a half-hour to an hour 
> before the main meeting.
> I have the impression that this group spans that range of experience: 
> I know Bill has commercial Python experience, and Christopher has some 
> pretty impressive discussions of RDF/FOAF on his site. I know David 
> did the Win32 GUI portion of AmphetaDesk. Guy is completely new to 
> Python while I have been dabbling part-time through online tutorials 
> and the O'Reilly books.
> I would welcome the opportunity to get together to discuss how we 
> might get a group going. CentraLUG meets this Monday from 7 PM to 9 PM 
> in Little Hall on the NHTI Campus, room 233.  
>, marked as "K" on that map. Can we 
> try to meet at 6:30? Earlier?
> On Dec 31, 2004, at 8:00 AM, guy Pardoe wrote:
>> I'd definitely be interested in a Python SIG or UG.
>> Take it easy,
>> David Berube
>> <<
>> Hi Dave,
>> I have a high interest in this too.  I'm an application developer and 
>> while
>> it's interesting learning about a broad view of packages and/or 
>> issues in
>> the Linux environment, my real interest is in learning how to develop
>> business applications on Linux (and even better if it's portable to
>> Windows).
>> Python looks like a VERY worthwhile language to know and to use for this
>> purpose.
>> What would be some next steps in order to get something going with a 
>> focus
>> like this?  Assuming sufficient interest, would this need to be a group
>> different from the existing Centralug?
>> Guy
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