[gnhlug-announce] SLUG meeting Monday 1/12 in UNH Morse 301 on Digital Cameras

Robert E. Anderson rea at q.sr.unh.edu
Mon Jan 12 10:27:24 EST 2004

Topic: Digital Cameras Revisited 
Location: UNH Morse 301
Time: 7pm Monday 1/12/2004

Two years ago we covered Digital Cameras under Linux.  Since my camera
recently died and was replaced I figure it might be time again to see
what is out there.  In two years my needs had changed and yours might
have too.  Not to mention that camera manufacturers have been busy,
hopefully making cameras better, while we went about our lives.

Feel free to bring a camera if you're interested to see how it might
work with Linux.

As usual we'll be holding the meeting in Morse Hall rm 301 on the UNH
campus. See the SLUG webpage for directions "http://slug.gnhlug.org".

 Robert E. Anderson  		 	email: rea at sr.unh.edu
 Systems Programmer			phone: (603) 862-3489
 UNH Research Computing Center		  fax: (603) 862-1761

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