Access to PostgreSQL conversion

David J Berube djberube at
Mon Apr 18 23:08:01 EDT 2005

Hey all,

While I'm thinking of Access and PostgreSQL, a quick note. I recently 
released one of my inhouse Access-to-PostgreSQL conversion tools under 
the GPL. Note, however, that Access and PostgreSQL have very different 
design methodologies, and a complex database will require reanalysis. 
This project will take you much of the way, however, and it includes 
source, so it's easy to make incremental modifications to fit your 
project.. It can import basic table information and data - it does not, 
however, import VIEWs or indices. Both of those should be created by 
hand - most complex Access queries will have to be rewritten for 
PostgreSQL in any case, since Microsoft-specific functions are not 
present in PostgreSQL.

Anyway, here's the URL:

I've had great success with it so far.

Take it easy,


David Berube
Berube Consulting
djberube at

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