SLUG Meeting tonight 3/14 at 7pm at UNH, Topic: Web Performance Tuning

Robert E. Anderson rea at
Mon Mar 14 06:16:01 EST 2005

The Topic is:  The Discovery Cycle in Web Performance Tuning

The next SLUG meeting will be Monday 3/14/2005 at 7pm in Morse Hall room 301.

This month we will look into some of the techniques involved in web
server tuning.  Far from being an expert, I'll explain the mistakes we
made, and some of the difficulties we encountered.  We'll discuss the
techniques of testing, some of the available tools, as well our real
world example case.  You will not be an expert when you leave, but you
will learn something new.

We'll follow a cycle of discovery, as experienced here at UNH while
tuning for a recent event.  The test case involves current server
hardware, an Apache 1 server (running Redhat Enterprise Linux 3) with
a separate Oracle backend (also running REL3).  Tests also done on

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