Reminder: DLSLUG Monthly Meeting / GNHLUG Quarterly Meeting - Tonight!

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Thu Nov 3 10:17:01 EST 2005

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            Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Linux User Group
             Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group

The next regular monthly meeting of the DLSLUG will be held:
                    Thursday, November 3rd, 7-9PM
at:         Dartmouth College, Carson Hall Room L02
                 All are welcome, free of charge.

  This meeting is also the Quarterly Meeting of the GNHLUG.


7:00  Sign-in, networking

7:15  Introductory remarks

7:20  Ancestry of Linux - How the Fun Began
	  Presenter: Doug McIlroy

       Way back when, I used Whirlwind, a machine 3 stories
       high with a huge memory (2K!). As computers grew
       physically smaller and logically bigger, I saw and
       worked on a bunch of operating systems right up until
       Unix, which was born in my department at Bell Labs.
       I've lived with generations of Unix ever since.  My
       talk will touch on events that led up to Unix, its
       heady early days, and its subsequent place in
       the world of computing. With more than mere nostalgia,
       I would say of Unix--as Tony Hoare did of Algol--
       that it often improved upon its successors.
	  About the presenter: Doug was head of the Computing
       Techniques Research Department at Bell Labs from 1965
       to 1986 where his group invented Unix and he developed
       the concept of Unix pipes as well as essential tools
       including spell, diff, sort, and tr.  He is also well-
       known for inventing the idea of software components.
       Doug is currently an Adjunct Professor of Computer
       Science at Dartmouth College.

8:40  GNHLUG ByLaws / Non-Profit Status
       Ted Roche will present the work a group of volunteers
       has done to develop a set of bylaws for GNHLUG, on
       the road to non-profit status and as an IRS-recognized
       charitable organization.  Discussion to follow.

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Refreshments will be sponsored by Publisher Addison-Wesley/Prentice 



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