SLUG meeting tonight 9/12 7pm Morse 301 Topic Procmail filtering and Kmail

Robert E. Anderson rea at
Tue Sep 13 02:02:00 EDT 2005

The Topic is:  MTA Email filtering with Procmail & a look at the MUA KMail

The next SLUG meeting will be Monday 9/12/2005 at 7pm in Morse Hall room 301.

Most users have moved to modern Mail User Agents (MUA) for there SPAM
filtering capabilities.  Most Linux users are using Evolution, the
subject of a previous SLUG talk.

The problem with taking advantage of all the filtering capabilities
available on the MUA is that you now become tied to that mailer and to
reading mail from that one location.  Or you have to keep multiple
filters updated on separate platforms, like a work desktop, laptop and
home computer.

Doing your filtering at the Mail Transport Agent (MTA) level allows
the user to use any available mail client.  The filtering will have
already been done, as the mail arrives, normally yielding faster
startup when you open your mailer.  When combined with IMAP you have
access to all saved messages from other platforms as well.  This
allows reading pre-filtered mail using different mailers, even
lightweight PDA or Cell Phone Mail clients.

As an alternative MUA to Evolution we'll use KMail as our example mail
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