[GNHLUG] MerriLUG/Nashua - 19 Apr - Machine virtualization on Linux (Xen)

Ben Scott dragonhawk at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 15:19:11 EDT 2007

What : Virtualization on Linux
Who  : Christoph Doerbeck, BLU, Red Hat
Where: Martha's Exchange, 185 Main Street, Nashua, NH
Date : Thursday 19 April 2007
Time : 6:00 PM for dinner, 7:30 PM for presentation

 For the month of April, MerriLUG is proud to host Christoph
Doerbeck, who will be speaking on machine virtualization on Linux.  A
live demo of the Xen-based virtualization features in RHEL 5 (Red Hat
Enterprise Linux, Version 5) is planned.

About the Presentation

 During the past few years, machine virtualization has emerged as a
key technology in the high-tech industry.  Virtualization creates
"virtual machines"

In this session, Christoph will speak on:

* What problems virtualization can solve
* A high-level overview of various virtualization models
* Review open-source implementations of said models
* Cover hardware technologies found in modern CPUs which aid virtualization
* What to look for when purchasing hardware for virtualization

 He will demonstrates the capabilities of virtualization found in
RHEL5.  Time permitting, he will even show us how to install Windows
XP as a virtualized guest.

About MerriLUG

 MerriLUG is the Merrimack Valley Linux User Group, and is a chapter
of GNHLUG, the Greater NH Linux User Group.  Heather Brodeur and Jim
Kuzdrall are the MerriLUG coordinators.  You can find out more about
SLUG and GNHLUG the http://www.gnhlug.org/ website.

 MerriLUG meets the Third Thursday of every month at Martha's
Exchange in Nashua, NH.  We gather for dinner and conversation
downstairs starting at 6:00 PM.  The meeting proper (presentation and
so on) begin at 7:30 PM, in the second floor event hall.


**** Please RSVP ****

For dinner, please RSVP to Jim Kuzdrall at <gnhlug at intrel.com> to
assure adequate seating.   Please let Jim know if you are a not a
"Regular Attendee".

Please note that replying to this message will not send your message
to Jim.  I am not Jim, for which Jim is doubtless extremely thankful.

Getting there:


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