[GNHLUG] MerriLUG/Nashua / Thr 16 Aug / Todd Underwood on ZFS - The Last Word in File Systems

Ben Scott dragonhawk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 18:51:40 EDT 2007

Who : Todd Underwood, Renesys
What: ZFS -- The Last Word in File Systems
Where: Martha's Exchange
Date: Thur 16 Aug 2007 - *NEXT* Thursday
Time: 6:00 PM for dinner, 7:30 PM for meeting proper

  This month's MerriLUG (Nashua) meeting will host Todd Underwood
speaking on ZFS.  He will present a survey of what's out there, what
their needs are, and how ZFS helps meets those needs, and cover ZFS
features and some technical details.

  Please RSVP if you plan on being there for dinner -- see
"Attendance" below (last).

=== About ZFS ===

  ZFS is an advanced file storage system, featuring such buzzwords as: A
pooled storage model (no fixed partitions), transactional semantics,
copy-on-write (so on-disk state is always valid), error checking and
correction of data, background consistency checking, instantaneous
snapshots and clones, fast native backup and restore, built-in
compression, and ease-of-use.  And it's Open Source.  How can you beat


=== About the presenter ===

Todd Underwood is Vice President of Operations and Professional
Services at Renesys (http://www.renesys.com/).  Renesys is in the
business of collecting, analyzing and archiving data about what's
happening on the Internet.  That demands fast and reliable storage for
of tens of terabytes of stored data.


=== About the group ===

MerriLUG is the Merrimack Valley Linux User Group, and is a chapter of
GNHLUG, the Greater NH Linux User Group.  Heather Brodeur is the LUG
coordinator, with essential assistance from Jim Kuzdrall.  MerriLUG
meets the third Thursday of every month.  You can find out more about
MerriLUG and GNHLUG at the http://www.gnhlug.org/ website.

Meetings are open to all, and are held at Marth'a Exchange in Nashua,
NH.  We meet downstairs for dinner starting at around 6:00 PM, and
move upstairs for the meeting proper at 7:30 PM.  (Feel free to skip
either part.)  The meeting proper ends around 9ish, but it's not
uncommon to find hangers-on there until 10 or later.

=== Attending ===

  If you plan on being there for dinner, please RSVP to me directly
(not to the list).  This helps us ensure we have seating for you!

  Jim Kuzdrall is taking a break from LUG-wrangling this month, so I'm
filling in for him (or rather, attempting to).

  Driving directions can be found at:


  Hope to see you there!

-- Ben

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