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charlie cfarinella at unclechuk.com
Mon Dec 10 19:56:43 EST 2007

Who:  Tim Wessels
What:  Revolution OS ( a movie )
Date:  December 13, 2007
Time:  7:00PM
Where:  SAU 1 office, 106 Hancock Rd., Peterborough

>From http://www.revolution-os.com/

REVOLUTION OS tells the inside story of the hackers who rebelled against the 
proprietary software model and Microsoft to create GNU/Linux and the Open 
Source movement.

On June 1, 2001, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said "Linux is a cancer that 
attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches."

Microsoft fears GNU/Linux, and rightly so. GNU/Linux and the Open Source & 
Free Software movements arguably represent the greatest threat to Microsoft's 
way of life. Shot in cinemascope on 35mm film in Silicon Valley, REVOLUTION 
OS tracks down the key movers and shakers behind Linux, and finds out how and 
why Linux became such a potent threat.

REVOLUTION OS features interviews with Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Bruce 
Perens, Eric Raymond, Brian Behlendorf, Michael Tiemann, Larry Augustin, 
Frank Hecker, and Rob Malda. To view the trailer or the first eight minutes 
go to the ifilm website for REVOLUTION OS.

Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, Wipro, Ogilvy & Mather, OSTG, 
and Dreamworks Animation have rented REVOLUTON OS for private theatrical 
screenings. It has also screened in numerous film festivals including South 
By Southwest Film Festival, the Atlanta Film & Video Festival, Boston Film 
Festival, and Denver International Film Festival. REVOLUTION OS won Best 
Documentary at both the Savannah Film & Video Festival and the Kudzu Film 

REVOLUTION OS is available in the 35 mm motion picture format and runs 85 

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