[GNHLUG] PySIG next week

Bill Sconce sconce at in-spec-inc.com
Tue Jul 24 09:26:33 EDT 2007

On Thu, 19 Jul 2007 09:52:39 -0400
Bill Sconce <sconce at in-spec-inc.com> wrote:

> Summer doldrums?
> Not for PySIG!

Absolutely not.  It's NEVER dull at PySIG.
Even if people do have summer plans, and real day jobs, and
other things which interfere with Python hacking!

> Next week has 4th Thursday in it, and 4th Thursday has
> PySIG in it, at ABI.  

And that's now this week.  Day after tomorrow.

Unfortunately, our two stars have had other obligations come
up.  Alex, now gainfully employed (doing Python in his day job!)
has discovered that the day job includes an occasional night job,
namely Thursday evenings sometimes.  So our featured talk on
pexpect has been postponed.

And Kent's Korner is taking a breaK, too - Kent has just returned
from vacation, and we've rescheduled his presentation (on itertools)
for next month.

That means we'll have a *real* un-birthday party.  Special cookies!
A retrospective!  Bill's Data Types II!  (Maybe without heckling?
...are you coming to the meeting, Kent?  :)

Also, a report on FOSSED, and a demonstration of a mailing-list
manager written in Python.  (An answer in a way to Alex's recent
inquiry about "write a script in 4 hours vs. spend 4 days 
researching packages".)  And favorite gotchas (watch out for
methods which return None!  AGAIN.).  And more.

Er, did I mention cookies?

happy_unbirthday'ly yrs,


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