[GNHLUG] MerriLUG Nashua, Thur 21 Jun, Nonlinear Video Editing by Doerbeck (YouTube Watch Out!)

Jim Kuzdrall gnhlug at intrel.com
Thu Jun 14 07:54:26 EDT 2007

Who  : Christoph Doerbeck, BLU, Red Hat
What : Nonlinear Video Editing on Linux with Cinelerra
Where: Martha's Exchange
Day  : Thur 21 June **Next Week**
Time : 6:00 PM for grub, 7:30 PM for discussion

:: Overview

    Want to hit the 20K viewer mark on YouTube?  Nonlinear video editing 
allows you to rearrange the frames in a movie to any order.  Leave some 
out.  Add some from another clip.  Change order of scenes.  Run 
backwards.  Whatever!

    Using all opensource tools,  Christoph Doerbeck will demonstrate how 
to take common home video, edit/composite and produce a DVD which can 
play in any common DVD player.  Tool chain will include dvgrab, 
Cinelerra, mjpegtools and dvdauthor.  The majority of the time will be 
spent on Cinelerra.

 >>> RSVP to Jim Kuzdrall for dinner to assure adequate seating. <<<
 !!! If you are not a "Regular Attendee" (50%), please let me know. !!!

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Jim Kuzdrall
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