[GNHLUG] MerriLUG Nashua, Thurs 15 Mar, Encryption for Linux, Overview, Tips, Key Signing

Jim Kuzdrall gnhlug at intrel.com
Thu Mar 8 09:57:29 EST 2007

Who  : Matt Brodeur, MerriLUG Group and Red Hat 
What : Encryption for Linux, Overview, Tips, and Key Signing
Where: Martha's Exchange
Day  : Thur 15 March **Next Week** (Julius Caesar's last day)
Time : 6:00 PM for grub, 7:30 PM for discussion

:: Overview

   Do you have PGP-type encryption set up on your Linux system?

   If not, Matt Brodeur will explain the mechanics of setting it up and 
some reasons you might wish to get or send encrypted messages.

   If you do have PGP set up, there will be a key signing party (see 
link below) where Matt and others will be available to "sign" your key.

   Key signature verifies that a Public Key really does belong to the 
person suggested in the User ID.  Encrypted communication is only 
secure to the extent that you can positively associate Public Keys with 
the specified owner.

   In "signing", a key owner attests to personal knowledge that the 
Public Key belongs to the indicated User (issuer).  These digital 
"signatures" go with the User ID packet in the encrypted message.  The 
more signatures, the more you can trust the source of the message.

    Matt must verify who you are before signing.  Minimally, bring your 
key ID, key fingerprint (see link), and at least one well respected 
photo ID.  For example, Matt will bring his Red Hat business cards 
pre-printed with his Red Hat key, his personal key information, his  
passport, and his NH driver's license.  (Bring several copies of your 
key information to pass around to others.) 

    Signing Party Information:
    Finding your key fingerprint:

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