[GNHLUG] CentraLUG_: APril 2nd: Bill Stearns presents Logical Volume Management

Ted Roche tedroche at tedroche.com
Fri Mar 23 17:25:07 EDT 2007

The monthly meeting of CentraLUG, the Concord/Central New Hampshire
chapter of the Greater New Hampshire Linux Users Group, occurs on the
first Monday of each month on the New Hampshire Institute Campus
starting at 7 PM.

This month, we'll be meeting in our usual location, Room 146 of the
Library/Learning Center/Bookstore, http://www.nhti.net/nhtimap.pdf ,
marked as "I" on that map. Directions and maps are available on the NHTI
site at http://www.nhti.edu and on the GNHLUG site at
http://wiki.gnhlug.org/twiki2/bin/view/Www/DirectionsToCentraLUG. The
main meeting starts at 7 PM, with Bill Stearns presenting LVM: Logical
Volume Management. Open to the public. Free admission. Tell your friends.

Bill is an authority in the field of security, an instructor for the
SANS Institute and an activist in several anti-spam efforts. Visit
http://www.stearns,org for a list of some of the interesting projects
he's been working on and packages he maintains. At April's meeting, Bill
will explain the infrastructure of LVM and how to work with it. LVM is a
great technology that allows you to add disk space to running systems,
manage the mapping of logical and physical volumes and manipulate disk
usage. With the correct choice of hardware and file systems, much of the
work can be done while the systems continue to run! Bill has some
practical insights into how these systems work, and can talk about some
of the subtleties of why you might choose LVM-atop-RAID vs.
RAID-atop-LVM. Attendees are encouraged to bring laptops: using
temporary space (no need to repartition), Bill will use some loopback
tricks to let you create some devices and manipulate the LVM commands -
a great hands-on experience!

More details at about this meeting and the group are available at
http://www.centralug.org and http://www.gnhlug.org as I learn them!

In future meetings, we are looking forward to Ben Scott demoing OpenWRT
and Seth Cohn showing off Drupal - dates and times not yet confirmed and
in flux, so stay tuned.

Hope to see you there!

Ted Roche
Ted Roche & Associates, LLC

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