[GNHLUG] NHRuby.org Meeting on Tuesday April 15: Live hackfest and help session.

Scott Garman sgarman at zenlinux.com
Mon Apr 7 20:19:52 EDT 2008

We can't help you with your taxes, but we can help you with your Ruby
code! What better way of celebrating mailing off your taxes (or filing
for an extension) but attending the April meeting of the NH Ruby and
Rails User Group?

This month, we're going to do something especially fun. Have you been
working on a Ruby script that isn't working the way you expect? Trying
out a Rails tutorial and running into problems? Bring your code and a
laptop to our meeting and we'll work together to solve these problems
and teach each other principles, techniques and tools for Ruby development.

In the event that we run out of attendee-driven problems to work on,
Scott Garman and Nick Plante will demonstrate how to contribute to an
open source Rails project by fixing bugs and increasing test code
coverage. We're still selecting the app, and will include it in the
second meeting announcement this coming weekend.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 15, 2008. 7-9 PM.
WHERE: RMC Research Offices, 1000 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH.

For a map and driving directions, see our wiki site:




Scott Garman
sgarman at zenlinux dot com

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