[GNHLUG] CentraLUG, 3-Mar-2008: Desktop Publishing with Scribus

Ted Roche tedroche at tedroche.com
Thu Feb 28 08:20:10 EST 2008

The monthly meeting of CentraLUG, the Concord/Central NH GNHLUG chapter,
happens the first Monday of most months at the New Hampshire Technical
Institute's Library, room 146, at 7 PM. Next month's meeting is on March 
3rd at 7 PM. Directions and maps are available at 
http://www.centralug.org Open to the public. Free admission. Tell your

At this meeting, Ed Lawson will be giving us a tour of Scribus, one of 
the leading desktop publishing packages for Linux.

About the presentation

 From http://www.scribus.net, "Scribus is an open-source program that 
brings award-winning professional page layout to Linux/Unix, MacOS X, 
OS/2 and Windows desktops with a combination of "press-ready" output and 
new approaches to page layout."

"Underneath the modern and user friendly interface, Scribus supports 
professional publishing features, such as CMYK color, separations, ICC 
color management and versatile PDF creation."

About Ed

Ed has been a contributing activist to the FOSS movement in New 
Hampshire for a number of years, doing presentations at the LUGs, 
lending his expertise in Ham Radio during HamFests and doing 
presentations to interested groups, like the New Hampshire Society for 
Technology in Education (http://www.nhste.org/).


As always, meetings are subject to change. You are encouraged to join
the low-traffic announcement list at
http://mail.gnhlug.org/mailman/listinfo/gnhlug-announce to get
announcement and cancellation information.

Upcoming meetings: tentatively, InkScape in April. Let me know what 
other topics you'd be interested in!

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