[GNHLUG] SLUG / GNHLUG Durham - Mon 14 Jan - Rockbox MP3 player firmware

Ben Scott dragonhawk at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 19:24:45 EST 2008

Who  : Rob Anderson
What : Rockbox - Open source music player firmware
Date : Mon 14 Jan 2008
Time : 7 PM to 9 PM
Where: Room 301, Morse Hall, UNH, Durham, NH

 For the first meeting of 2008, SLUG (Seacoast/UNH/Durham) will
feature Rob Anderson presenting on Rockbox.  Want to play Doom on your
iPod?  Now you can.

=== What is Rockbox? ===

Rockbox is third-party, open source firmware for portable MP3 players.
 It replaces the OEM firmware on MP3 players from Apple, SanDisk, and
various others.  It adds features and efficiency while unlocking the
full potential of your portable device.  No longer will you have to
run a propriatary music management application, or put up with an
OEM's bugs, DRM, or music-store tie-ins.  Written from scratch, for
users, by users, to be easy and pleasurable to use.  It sometimes even
improves audio quality.  Add-ons enable things like a voice UI, menu
and screen customization, applications, utilities, and games.

Features include: MP3, OGG, FLAC codec support.  Gapless playback and
cross-fading.  5-band qualizier.  Volume normalization.  Cuesheets and
album art.  JPEG, MPEG, and text viewing.  Unicode.  Tags.  Advanced
playlist editor.


=== About SLUG ===

 SLUG is the Seacoast Linux User Group, and is a chapter of GNHLUG,
the Greater NH Linux User Group.  Rob Anderson is the SLUG
coordinator.  SLUG meets the second Monday of every month, same time,
same place.  You can find out more about SLUG and GNHLUG at their websites.



 Meetings take place starting at 7:00 PM.  Meetings are open to all.
The meeting proper ends around 9ish, but it's not uncommon to find
hangers-on there until 10 or later.  They take place in Room 301 (the
third floor conference room), of Morse Hall, at the University of New
Hampshire, in Durham.

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