[GNHLUG] CentraLUG, 4-Feb-2008: David Berube, Introduction to Ruby on Rails

Ted Roche tedroche at tedroche.com
Tue Jan 22 07:56:14 EST 2008

The monthly meeting of CentraLUG, the Concord/Central NH GNHLUG chapter,
happens the first Monday of most months at the New Hampshire Technical
Institute's Library, room 146, at 7 PM. Next month's meeting is on
February 4th at 7 PM. Directions and maps are available at
http://www.centralug.org Open to the public. Free admission. Tell your

At this meeting, David Berube will be presenting an Introduction to Ruby
on Rails.

About the presentation

David Berube, author of "Practical Ruby Gems" and the "Practical
Reporting with Ruby and Rails", will discuss the basics of Ruby and Ruby
on Rails.

Rails - often call Ruby on Rails - helps you create web applications.
It's a scalable web database framework; it uses ActiveRecord as its data
source, so it's able to use a number of different database backends,
such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. (ActiveRecord was originally part of
Rails. You can find out more about ActiveRecord in the ActiveRecord gem

In fact, Ruby on Rails is arguable more than just a web framework - it's
a phenomenon. It won a Jolt Software Development Productivity award in
2006, and a remarkable number of technology startups are either
switching to Ruby on Rails or are starting with Ruby on Rails software
as a cornerstone of their business plan.

About David

Berube is a Ruby developer, trainer, author, and speaker. He’s used both 
Ruby and Ruby on Rails for several years, starting in 2003 when he 
became a Ruby advocate after he wrote about the language for Dr Dobb's 
Journal. Prior to this he worked professionally with PHP, Perl, C++, and 
Visual Basic.

His professional accomplishments include creating the Ruby on Rails 
engine for CoolRuby.com (http://coolruby.com), a site that tracks the 
latest Ruby developments, and working with ThoughtBot 
(http://www.thoughtbot.com) on the Rails engine that powers Sermo 
America's Top Doctor contest. Additionally, he has worked on several 
other Ruby projects, including the engine powering CyberKnowHow's 
BirdFluBreakingNews search engine, and he also created the Slueshi text 
adventure game system, a multiplayer text game engine written in Ruby.

David's journalism has been in print in over 65 countries, in magazines 
such as Linux Magazine, Dr Dobb's Journal, and PHP International 
Magazine. He's also taught college courses and spoken publicly on topics 
such as "MySQL and You" and "Making Money with Open Source Software."

He lives in New Hampshire and his hobbies include basketball, yo-yos, 
and sleep.


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