[GNHLUG] BBS: The Documentary - Hampton - Wed July 16/23/30

Ben Scott dragonhawk at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 00:21:23 EDT 2008

What : BBS - The Documentary film
Where: HoloDek, Hampton, NH
Dates: Wed July 9, 16, 23, 30
Time : 7:00 PM

  The Ubuntu Local Community Team of NH is presenting "BBS: The
Documentary", as a four-part film series, Wednesdays evenings
throughout July.

  The documentary covers the history of BBSes -- dial-up computer
Bulletin Board Systems -- and the culture and community which formed
around them.  BBSes were entirely individually operated, each with
unique features and character.  The FidoNet network which linked them
together spanned the global and was entirely run by volunteers.
Unlike the Internet, it had no government or university funding to get
it started, yet at its peak it numbered over 40,000 nodes.  Before
Internet access became so ubiquitous in the US, BBSes were often the
only way for private individuals to "network".  Come remember or learn
about these fascinating times.

  "BBS: The Documentary" (http://www.bbsdocumentary.com/) was released
under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license, allowing
anyone to copy or present the film.  The NH Ubuntu LoCo will be
showing it at HoloDek, in Hampton.  Unfortunately, this notice goes
out after the first session, but the remaining three are still
upcoming.  There is a $3 cover charge.  Free Ubuntu discs will be
given out.

July  9 - "Baud" - The beginning of the BBS scene
July 16 - "Sysops and Users" - Stories from the people
July 23 - "Fidonet" - The largest volunteer-run network
July 30 - "Artscene" - Soceity where art was the currency

HoloDek (http://www.holo-dek.com/) is a computer gaming
center/cafe/theater.  Their website shows some pretty cool looking
facilities, including a full-immersion spherical projection system.

8 Merrill Industrial Drive
Hampton, NH

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