[GNHLUG] GNHLUG is back on the Internet

Ben Scott dragonhawk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 22:17:25 EST 2008


  As some of you noticed, the GNHLUG Internet server experienced an
extended outage recently.  We were down starting the morning of Thr 23
Oct, and are now back up as of Mon 10 Oct.  A number of factors
contributed to both the initial outage and the length of the downtime.
 More details will be posted to gnhlug-discuss for those interested.

  If you still see the "sad penguin" page on the web site, try forcing
your browser to fetch a new copy of the page (SHIFT+CTRL+R in

  I would like to apologize to the membership for the delay in getting
things back online.

  Please report any further trouble to me.

  Thanks for your patience.

-- Ben Scott, GNHLUG server coordinator

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