[GNHLUG] No NHRuby November meeting/early December social gathering.

Scott Garman sgarman at zenlinux.com
Tue Nov 11 13:54:47 EST 2008

The NH Ruby and Rails User Group will not have a meeting this month
(November) due to the Boston Professional Ruby conference which is
happening the same week.

Also, we will be holding a social gathering on Tuesday, December 2 in
lieu of our December meeting.

Join us in Portsmouth (location TBA) on 12/2 for dinner and drinks -
there will be conversation about your favorite Ruby and other
web/technology topics, with ample opportunity to get sidetracked on
non-Ruby related subjects.

A note to shy geeks: we are a very welcoming and laid-back group, give
us a try. :)

We're hoping to reserve a room at a local restaurant and thus request an
RSVP by Saturday, Nov 15 if you're planning to attend so we can gauge
the level of interest.


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