[GNHLUG] NHRuby meeting TOMORROW, Oct 21: Rails plugins, REST applications.

Scott Garman sgarman at zenlinux.com
Mon Oct 20 11:44:18 EDT 2008

Tomorrow night's NHRuby.org meeting will include two great talks:

* Nick Plante will be talking about the Rails Plugin system. The Rails
plugin system allows you to add powerful features to your applications
by altering or enhancing key pieces of the framework. Plugins tend to be
easy to use and can save precious development cycles, freeing you to
focus on the elements that make your project truly unique. Although
plug-ins are often dead simple to use, authoring them is not always
quite as straightforward.

Nick's presentation will give developers an overview of the Rails plugin
architecture and the hooks that are provided for creating your own.
We'll take a look at the genesis of a typical plugin, and see how we can
extract and generalize our code, repackaging it in a modular way such
that it can be reused across projects and redistributed within the Rails
community. Along the way, we'll also learn a thing or two about Ruby
metaprogramming practices, and examine strategies for testing and
redistributing plugin code.

* Brian Turnbull will be giving an introduction to RESTful web services
as a follow-up to his HTTP talk last month. REpresentational State
Transfer is the theoretical underpinnings of HTTP/1.1. This talk will
explain what REST is, present examples of existing web services using
REST, and also covers the practical application of REST and the Atom
Publishing Protocol in creating a web service.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 21, 2008. 7-9 PM.
WHERE: RMC Research Offices, 1000 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH.

For a map and driving directions, see our wiki site:




Scott Garman
sgarman at zenlinux dot com

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