[GNHLUG] SLUG / Mon March 9th / MySQL Optimization

Robert E. Anderson rea at sr.unh.edu
Fri Mar 6 09:54:06 EST 2009

What:	MySQL Optimization	
When:	03/9/09 7-9pm
Where:	UNH Durham, Morse Hall Conference Room 301
Who:	Cole Tuininga

Cole's company (Dynamic Network Services, Inc) sent him to MySQL Optimization 
class with the understanding that he'd do a presentation on some of the 
lessons learned.  They have graciously permitted him to give this same 
presentation to the NHLUG.  This talk will assume some familiarity with MySQL 
and database concepts.  Topics will include:

 * General tips/tricks
 * Data Types
 * Indexes
 * General Server Settings
 * Selecting Between MyISAM and InnoDB
 * Optimizing for MyISAM
 * Optimizing for InnoDB

For directions to this talk and/or more information about the Seacoast chapter 
of the GNHLUG visit our website at http://slug.gnhlug.org.

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