[GNHLUG] Where should the GNHLUG 15th Birthday party be?!?

Ben Scott dragonhawk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 19:38:14 EDT 2009

Who  : You!  Your fiends!  Everybody!
What : Party for GNHLUG's 15th Birthday
Date : Mon 26 Oct 2009
Time : 6 PM ish to whenever
Where: That's the question!

  After extensive discussion[1], it has been decided that we will
celebrate the 15th anniversary of GNHLUG's first meeting on Mon 26
Oct.  I suggested some place in Manchester, but didn't have anything
better or more specific than that.  Ideas have not been forthcoming.
I know we've got a bunch of people on this list who know local
eateries.  What do people suggest?!?  Come on, let's have a party!!

  People who have expressed interest include:

* Jon 'maddog' Hall
* Me
* Mike Kazin
* Seth Cohn
* Jim Kuzdrall
* Alan Johnson
* Ted Roche
* Bayard Coolidge
* Cole Tuininga

  If we get enough sign-ups this might qualify as an actual Event!  ;-)

  Posting messages is still free.  Hit that [Reply] button -- you know
you want to!  ;-)

[1] Well, not really, but we did have a poll with more than two
responses.  <http://doodle.com/ysxe3gm9cdf3rdi5>  The date can
probabbly be changed if enough other people speak up and want
something else.

-- Ben

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