[GNHLUG] ManchLUG meeting, Sept 28th. Topic: Project Caua presented by Jon 'maddog' Hall

kenta kenta.koga at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 08:33:48 EDT 2010

Join us on Tuesday September 28th for the second ManchLUG meeting.
This month's meeting will be based around a presentation of Project
Caua (www.projectcaua.org) by Jon 'maddog' Hall.

Sign-up (not required, but appreciated): http://manchlug.eventbrite.com

6:30 PM - Casual pre-meeting, food + drinks. (Eat, Drink, Geek-out)

!! If you plan to order food please do so before 7PM and please pay
your food/drink check PRIOR to 8PM unless you plan to stay through to
the end of the presentation. !!

7:30PM - General announcements
8:00 PM - Project Caua presentation by Jon "maddog" Hall (1 hr)

Project Caua: Private Sector, Environmentally Friendly Jobs with Free Software

Abstract: Project Caua is an Open project to create millions of
private sector, environmentally friendly jobs in urban areas of Latin
America utilizing FOSS, and millions more around the world including
places like inner city Manhattan and inner city Detroit.
In addition, Project Caua will open an avenue for free (as in beer)
wireless Internet to help defeat the digital divide, and to provide
low-cost training to get even more people off unemployment and create

The specifications for Project Caua can be found at
www.projectcaua.org. This talk will outline Project Caua and hopefully
open the discussion for actual implementation details.

Wings Your Way
1181 Elm St.
Manchester, NH (Corner of Elm and Bridge)

To facilitate and coordinate we've setup this event page:


You do not have to sign-up for the event, but if you choose to it will
help us with planning.


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