[GNHLUG] BBQ dates and decisions

Ben Scott dragonhawk at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 11:55:37 EDT 2012

  Results from the poll are in (names and votes are published now; if
you're missing, let me know):


  The clear loser is Sept 8.

  It's a veritable tie between Aug 11 and Sept 1.  Both had 9 "no"
votes.  Sept 1 had 9 "yes", while Aug 11 had only 8.  But Aug had 2
"if-need-be", while Sept only had 1.

  Sept would give us more lead time, but may conflict with other labor
day activities.  Aug 11 would be more summerish, but gives us less
than two weeks to procrastinate ^W plan.

  In the meantime, just to make things more indecisive, the Drupal
people have offered to join forces with GNHLUG for their BBQ on Aug
25.  You can see their announcement
<http://groups.drupal.org/node/243993> and invitation

  Short of making an arbitrary decision, I'm out of ideas.  Please
post thoughts and suggestions to the gnhlug-discuss list.  (Replying
to this message should do, if you're subscribed.)

  If a clear consensus doesn't emerge by Wed 1 Aug morning, I will
fall back to arbitrary -- possibly a dice roll.

-- Ben

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