[GNHLUG] ManchLUG: Oct. 23rd - Social Meeting: Share your horror story

kenta kenta.koga at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 11:16:39 EDT 2012

Join us on Tuesday October 23th for ManchLUG!

No topic this month. Just a social gathering of local area Linux enthusiasts,
geeks, techies (or all of the above).

Since we're close to Halloween we'll have an open discussion of workplace
or personal HORROR STORIES. Most of us have been there are some point. All
nighters at the office, systemic system failures, pointy haired
micro-managers. Share your stories over a burger and beer.

         =/\                 /\=
         / \'._   (\_/)   _.'/ \
        / .''._'--(0.o)--'_.''. \     Halloween Storytime
       /.' _/ |`'=/ " \='`| \_ `.\     with ManchLUG!
      /` .' `\;-,'\___/',-;/` '. '\
     /.-'       `\(-V-)/`       `-.\
                  "   "

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Eat, Drink, share your horror story.

The Farm
1181 Elm St.
Manchester, NH (corner of Elm and Bridge in downtown Manchester)

When you enter The Farm go to the left side of the restaurant and locate
the small function room or ask the hostess for assistance

Parking in downtown Manchester is enforced between 8AM - 8PM, however
the metered spaces in front of The Farm on Elm Street and the lot
behind The Farm are free after 5:30PM. For further details:

Facebook Event:

RSVP's appreciated! Join the GNHLUG group to get future invites

You can also find the Manchester Linux Users group:
@ManchLUG on twitter.com
@ManchLUG on identi.ca
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