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Chris <chrisra at concentric.net> writes:

> Well, I tried startx after I did ctrl-alt-f1, but an X session was already running
> (the login screen), so that didn't help, but I believe I have another idea to
> help,  [rest deleted]

You can run multiple X sessions simultaneously; each one uses a different 
display number. The default is ":0", and when you ran startx, it found 
that :0 was already in use. If you specifiy ":1" (or ":2", ...), then 
it will try that instead and find that it's not in use:

    startx -- :1

You can also tell startx what to run instead of the normal X stuff. At 
I have a headless Sun server (riven) in my attic, and I set up ssh keys so 
I can ssh to it without a password. On my workstation, I run 

    startx /usr/bin/ssh riven /usr/dt/bin/Xsession -- :1

and soon I get a nice Solaris desktop on the next tty, tunneled through 
So ctrl-alt-f7 is my Linux desktop and crtl-alt-f8 is my Solaris desktop.

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