Desktop apps

Randy Edwards redwards at
Wed Mar 3 12:25:36 EST 2004

> the apps you mention available for Linux.  Or in the GvP case, what is
> needed to get the Linux alternative up to snuff.

    I've always seen the GIMP vs. Photoshop issue as one primarily due to 
the monopoly-like dominance of Photoshop.  That combined with factors like a 
quirky UI, the lack of an "official" Windows GIMP port, and the fact that 
the users of these programs typically aren't the deepest, meant that the 
GIMP didn't get much traction.  This amazes me because the documentation for 
the GIMP is first-rate.

    With GIMP v2 the user interface is supposed to have been totally redone. 
  I haven't played with v2 so I can't say (Has anyone? If so, comments?). 
If the UI is improved perhaps that combined with the GIMP's increasing 
standardized usage in the animation industry might mean it could finally 
make some serious headway.  But still, I'm not holding my breath... :-)

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