How can I add files to default FC1 install?

Mark Komarinski mkomarinski at
Fri May 7 10:29:00 EDT 2004

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 04:20:44PM -0400, Andrew W. Gaunt wrote:
> You can probably do this several different ways.
> Here's one:
> What we've done for various RH and the
> like dists is modifiy the KS.CFG (or whatever
> it may be named) to call some external scripts.
> "KS.CFG" is a config file that is referenced by
> the isolinux.cfg at boot time. It calls scripts
> on the NFS partition (no need to re-write CDR when
> making changes) that do what we want. e.g...
...except for the following:

the installer is broken for broadcom and e1000.  The only
real fix for now is to manually set the Ethernet link speeds,
which (believe it or not) is harder than building my own DVD.

I may just have to give up and do it in the postinstall, but that's
a real kludge.

> [...]
> Attache is our isolinux.cfg which is on the bootable CD.

Ooh.  That's helpful.  Completely automated install!  Thanks.

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