Upgrading Multiple Servers?

Bruce Dawson jbd at codemeta.com
Sun May 9 22:45:01 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 21:16, Kurth Bemis wrote:
> We have several servers, (OK lots of servers) that we use for hosting 
> websites, mail servers, firewalls, and billing and provisioning.
> It's a real pain to ssh to each of the boxen and repeat the same process 
> again and again to upgrade apache,php,mod_perl,mod_ssl, system files, etc.
> I'm wondering if anyone knows of a tool that will allow me to create one 
> "master" machine or image that can then be duplicated to the other 
> machines, so that all the machines are exact copies of each other.
> The config and users files are on separate partitions then the binaries 
> so that's not an issue.
> The solution needs to scalable, as we are adding machines every other 
> week it seems.

I believe you want two solutions...

Redhat Linux has something called "kickstart" which can be used to
install "clones", but configure them with things like separate IP
addresses, ... This will solve the installation problem.

The other problem is keeping things up to date... If Redhat would open
source their up2date server, then you could use up2date. But they won't
so you can't ;-(  However, you could use something like Yum which uses
rsync/web/ftp servers to fetch the updates from. More info is at

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