Upgrading Multiple Servers?

Tom Buskey tom at buskey.name
Mon May 10 09:41:02 EDT 2004

> On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 21:16, Kurth Bemis wrote:
>> We have several servers, (OK lots of servers) that we use for hosting
>> websites, mail servers, firewalls, and billing and provisioning.
>> It's a real pain to ssh to each of the boxen and repeat the same
>> process  again and again to upgrade apache,php,mod_perl,mod_ssl,
>> system files, etc.
>> I'm wondering if anyone knows of a tool that will allow me to create
>> one  "master" machine or image that can then be duplicated to the
>> other  machines, so that all the machines are exact copies of each
>> other.
>> The config and users files are on separate partitions then the
>> binaries  so that's not an issue.
>> The solution needs to scalable, as we are adding machines every other
>> week it seems.
> I can't remember the name of the software, and I'm not even sure that it
> is available anymore, but VA Software, back when they were VA Linux had
> a deployment system for just this purpose. You built a "Golden System"
> and a "Golden Server". The Golden System was built out exactly the way
> you wanted it. The golden server ran VA's software, and it monitored the
> golden system for changes. On all of the other machines, you installed a
> small agent. If the golden system changed, then the golden server would
> send out the information to all of the agents and update them. You could
> also put a new box on the network and it would install itself from the
> golden server. It was meant for rapid deployment in changing
> environments.

I wonder if it's cfengine?  cfengine lets you have several classes of
systems.  They pull thier configs from a central server & modify
themselves to that class.

> Any of the VA Software people out there remember this software?
> C-Ya,
> Kenny

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