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I'm taking the liberty of sending this to the general discussion list. I
believe a number of people there will be interested in this development.

Ed: Thanks for monitoring this activity for GNHLUG!


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> From: Ed Lawson 
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> Subject: Linux and Open Source in NH Schools
> Date: 13 May 2004 13:17:05 -0400
> This Tuesday, I attended a meeting of the school tech coordinators in
> Exeter which had as the primary topic Linux and open source software.
> It was amazing.  In Exeter they have a professional development center
> with 30 computers running  Linux Terminal Server and they are opening a
> Charter School which will be using Linux exclusively.  Other schools are
> moving forward with major Linux and Open source initiatives and the
> state DOE seems to be interested as well.  Several participants ran
> Linux on a variety of laptops including Apples and many are uniformly
> installing and using Open Office in place of MS Office for office
> machines.  It appeared the E-Smith server package is becoming the tool
> of choice to use in installing and setting up servers in schools.
> The consensus of may participants was to get people using Open
> Source cross platform applications and then they can more easily be
> moved over to Linux which is one reason why promoting Open source
> on windows is beneficial to the adoption of Linux
> I think it is fair to say thinks are moving forward at a very rapid rate
> and it would be nice if GNHLUG could find a way to facilitate and assist
> this activity.  From my perspective, the lack of organization and
> coordinated activities, as much as that might work internally and among
> ourselves,  is a major limiting factor when dealing other organizations.
>  I feel GNHLUG is for this reason, as perhaps it should be, more a small
> and loose collection of kindred spirit Linux users as opposed to an
> organization which also engages in activities for its promotion and
> education about its use.
> On a side note, shortly around a dozen libraries and other computer
> access centers in the norther part of the state will soon have large
> collections of Opens Source software for loan and use.
> Ed Lawson
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