Emulating a Cyclades/Annex

Tom Buskey tom at buskey.name
Wed May 19 17:10:01 EDT 2004

> Anybody have a straightforward HOWTO that explains what's
> necessary to mke a Linux box act like a cheap serial-port
> concentrator, something like an Annex or Cyclades box?
> In other words, I want to rig SystemA such that it has a
> serial console with that serial port wired over to SystemB
> such that I can say something like
>    telnet SystemB somePort
> ...from SystemC and be connected directly to the console
> of SystemA

There's a program on freshmeat called conserver that I've used in a
similar manner:

telnet systemA
System C is a serial console you can telnet into
systema$ conserver systemC-port

Maybe not quite what you want, but conserver should have links....

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