Bittorrent Fedora Core 2 MD5 failures?

Ted Roche ted-mac at
Thu May 20 15:36:00 EDT 2004

> From: Ted Roche <ted-mac at>
> Date: May 20, 2004 3:20:41 PM EDT
> To: GNHLUG Mail Daemon <gnhlug-discuss-admin at>
> Subject: Bittorrent Fedora Core 2 MD5 failures?
> Head's up to anyone considering using bittorrent to download FC2. 
> After 48 hours of happy up- and down-loading, I have disks 1 - 4 
> failing the MD5 test, although the rescue disk appears to be okay <g>.
> I was hoping that it might just be a problem like a padded-out packet, 
> but I haven't seen this happen before with an identical setup: I use 
> an old W2K box running the bittorrent GUI and then ftp the resultant 
> files off that box. But booting from the CDs and running the linux 
> mediacheck resulted in "FAIL" messages for the four disks.
> Anyone got suggestions for an ISO repair kit? Or am I SOL?
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