Open / Free LAMP curriculum?

Ted Roche ted-mac at
Fri May 28 17:30:01 EDT 2004

> A local school is considering running a series of night courses in for 
> an "Introduction to LAMP."  I'm looking for any teaching materials 
> that would be appropriate for the course. The joy and curse of the 
> Internet is that there is a *lot* of stuff out there, HOWTOs and 
> tutorials, etc., but I'm looking for something structured for 
> technical professionals coming from other specialties (COBOL, 
> mainframe, mini, dot-com, etc.) who can spend perhaps a dozen 4-hour 
> night sessions learning the beginnings of LAMP. No 1800 page books 
> need apply. There will be a lab and much of the course is expected to 
> be hands-on.
> Does anyone know of another school that may have materials they would 
> be willing to share, or other  resources available on the web for 
> download?
> TIA.

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