[NLC] Drip Dry Phone

Jim Kuzdrall gnhlug at intrel.com
Mon May 1 08:52:00 EDT 2006

On Monday 01 May 2006 06:44 am, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> Jim Kuzdrall wrote:
> >     As I remember from trying to pump lasers system clean, water
> > quickly freezes if you try to vaporize a droplet in a vacuum.  Then
> > you have to wait for it to sublime.  We had lots of heating tapes
> > on the chambers.
> Couldn't you speed the process along with, um, a laser or
> something?  Yeah, that's it. :-)

    Well, since that was the only laser around, and it wouldn't operate 
at much power "dirty", that would be hard.  (1964 Argon laser at 
Sanders Assoc, about 3W out for 20KW in.)

    We did get impatient, though, and used a Bernz-O-Matic LP torch from 
time to time.  But the awful sound of the rough pump suddenly chugging 
as we hit a soft solder joint...

Jim Kuzdrall

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