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I know the usual suspects when I go to buy, I just figured it made more
sense to see if someone had a box lying around first.

My hackerspace is the Artisan's Asylum, in Somerville, MA - currently 13 Joy
Street with 9000 square feet, full metalworking and woodworking shops, MIG +
TIG welding, Electronics & Robotics, Fiber Arts, and a bike shop.  In a
month or so (we signed the letter of intent last night) we're moving to a
new 25,000 square foot space, so we can add things like a laser cutter and a
big 3D CNC mill (currently we only have 2D CNC mill, 3D CNC wood router).
 We also need more space because we have a bunch of people on the waiting
list to rent space...



On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 5:39 AM, David Rysdam <david at rysdam.org> wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Jun 2011 22:38:43 -0400, Drew Van Zandt <
> drew.vanzandt at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The hackerspace I volunteer for has a marked lack of through-hole
> resistors
> > with values above 100k, and it occurred to me that one of you guys might
> > have a crate of them floating around his basement in need of a home.  (I
> > believe this probable because I have a bunch of things along this line,
> just
> > no through-hole resistors anymore.)
> I usually hate when my requests for donations are met with links to
> stores....but I'm going to do the same to you anyway. The main reason
> being that I'm not really promoting the item so much as the
> source. The item:
>    http://www.sciplus.com/singleItem.cfm/terms/13392
> I think I bought that back in the day. I know I certainly bought
> something they seem to no longer have, which was a grab bag of assorted
> resistors, capacitors, pots and other misc, which got me started quite
> well.
> American Science & Surplus is a great resource for hackerspaces. They've
> got motors, microscopes, measuring reels and...umm......monkeys? Plus
> their catalog is hilarious (you really have to order the paper one and
> read it through to get the full effect). Not everything there is a good
> deal, but the stuff that really is surplus usually is.
> Which is your hackerspace, btw?
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