*sigh* I guess I'm going mobile (Linux-compatible smartphones?)

Michael ODonnell michael.odonnell at comcast.net
Fri Jun 14 09:37:36 EDT 2013

> What smartphones will I have the least amount of trouble
> with if I need/want to connect them with my Linux computer?

If by "connect" you mean "move photo/movie/sound/ringtone/etc
files between host and phone" then I'll echo Curt's response.
My by-now-ancient DroidX2 behaves perfectly with USB (and
Bluetooth, I assume, though I've never tried it) for approved
activities like that, presenting two block devices - one for the
permanent internal storage and one for the removable storage -
that I can mount and access trivially.

AFAIK there's no tool (linux or other) that enables
non-powerusers like me to install/change apps on my unrooted
phone; the only way is by connecting back to the mothership
over the air via WiFi or 3G to ask permission and gain access
to the approved app repositories.

OTOH, if by "connect" you mean "use the phone as my computer's
Internet connection" (AKA "tethering") that's a much more
interesting - and usually expensive - matter.  I've been
curious about Clearwire as a possible solution to mobile
Internet - anybody have any experience with them?  The fact
that they're going through a rather melodramatic acquisition
battle involving Sprint and Dish Network makes me want to hang
back until the dust settles, though...

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