Is bcache ready for enterprise production?

Alan Johnson alan at
Thu Aug 14 17:57:09 EDT 2014

I'm in the process of replacing a FreeNAS install at $WORK with Linux.  I
currently have Ubuntu 14.04 installed so that I can try bcache.  It is
teir-2 storage, but of course every one gets fussy if it is down no matter
how much we tell them not to put really critical stuff there, and of
course, we don't want any real data corruption risk.

I have a compelling reason to use it: to protect against performance issues
leading to availability issues, which is something that bit us hard with
FreeNAS/ZFS on this box.  I know the kernel devs have blessed it in 3.10,
but RH left it out of RHEL 7​, but the only reason I have seen so far being
it was not in the Fedora 19 kernel and RHEL 7 is based on Fedora 19.  They
brought in a newer kernel for RHEL 7 but left some of the new features

I have a lot of FUD that is making me not want to use it, mostly driven by
a terrible couple of years with FreeNAS/ZFS.  So, what I'm looking for is
some REASON not to use it.  If we can't find any, we will probably give it
a go, but the history of this box makes any "new-to-us" feature or
technology very uncomfortable.

So, does anyone have any bcache horror stories that might not be addressed
in the 3.13 kernel?  Anyone know any additional details about why RH left
it out?  Any other relevant information?

 Alan Johnson
alan at
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