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Fri May 4 13:09:09 EDT 2018

Hi friends,

I am IT dir. at a small independent school in CT nowadays.  I have a
comcast modem.  my firewall plugs into a wired port in the comcast modem.
I have an old PC running windows 8.1.  I have installed wireshark on the
old PC.  I have plugged the old PC's network interface into another wired
port on the comcast modem.  Ideally I would like to use wireshark to
capture EVERYTHING going across the modem - basically everything that is
going in and out of the connection between the modem and my firewall.  I am
at a loss w/r/t how to set this up properly.

a step-by-step how to, or even a quick shared screen session or phone call
would be appreciated.

I am trying to get a sense regarding the schools' bandwidth usage.. we have
150/25 over coax.  i think performance is pretty good most of the time (we
are a small school).. but not everyone agrees with me.  If we have too
little bandwidth (are hitting a max periodically) I'd like to know that.

Thanks in advance for help with this and recommendations about anything
else I should put on this old PC to help with this exercise.

best wishes,


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