Multiple IPv4 addresses per NIC (w/o aliases, VLANs, etc.)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Sep 18 10:24:00 EDT 2018

Kyle Smith <askreet at> writes:

> Totally legitimate feature/functionality. I never understood why ifconfig
> doesn't seem to support the full feature set of the kernel, probably just to
> maintain legacy compatibility. IIRC it dates back to at least 2.2 and predates
> IPv6 being compiled into most distros.
> Having multi IP addresses on a single device is pretty critical to having
> Linux act as a reasonably complex router, gateway, NAT gateway, etc.

It really only needs multiple addresses on a single physical device.
It doesn't really matter if they are the same logical device or if they
are virtual.  I.e., it doesn't matter if it's eth0 or eth0:0.

This is from personal experience.


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