Is your kids' school forcing Zoom on them too?

dmichaud at dmichaud at
Sun Aug 9 08:07:37 EDT 2020

In a pinch you can run Zoom wholly in a browser or other semi-sandboxed
environment such as mobile phone or tablet, without using the desktop app.
I ended up repurposing a neglected chromebook as a zoom meeting appliance
and that's been fantastic for many activities.

> On Fri, 2020-08-07 at 19:14 -0400, Matt Minuti wrote:
>> There's been no remote execution exploits (AFAIK), so that's a
>> non-issue.
> There have been remote exploits.
> Ignore #5 which is a different Zoom. Apple was forced to create a special
> update to clean up
> the mess after zoom was "uninstalled".
> That said, it's quite possible that today's Zoom is OK on that score. The
> Sans News Bites folks
> do not seem to be concerned.
> I installed Zoom on my wife's iPad. I won't install it on my gear. Being
> pushed into acquiring
> a somewhat isolated device to run Zoom would be annoying.

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