[gnhlug-announce] 12/10 CentraLUG Meeting

Ben Boulanger ben at blackavar.com
Fri Dec 6 12:20:17 EST 2002

Hello everyone,

Our next meeting will be:
WHEN: TUESDAY, December 10, 2002 at 7:00(ish) PM
    West St. Ward House
    41 West St.
    Concord, NH
WHAT: 802.11 Wireless Antenna information & Manchester Wireless
WHO: Mike Spenard & Travis Roy presenting

Map to West St. Ward House:

Directions to West St. Ward House:
1. Take 93 to Exit 13 (3/Manchester St)
2. Take 3 towards downtown (heading northwest)
3. Look for the McDonalds - it's on the corner of 3,
    South Main and West
4. Turn onto South Main St. (3A) (heading southwest)
5. Take first right around McDonalds onto West St.
6. The West St. Ward House is on the corner of Badger
    and west and is a large brick building.

Anyone who wants to meet before hand:
        Hermanos Cocina Mexicana
Good (relatively inexpensive) Mexican food - I'll try to go upstairs,
but ask for linux at the front desk.  If they give you a blank look, go
upstairs and ask the bartender.  If he gives you a blank look, look for
people staring at you.  If there's no one that matches this description,
tell the bartender to send people who ask for linux to your table :)

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