MerriLUG meeting -- books!

Ken D'Ambrosio ken at
Thu Nov 17 12:44:00 EST 2005

I just landed myself with a bunch o' books that someone was going to
throw out(!!).  These include some *nix classics; below is a sampling of
the better-known titles.  These will be raffled off this evening.  The
books are in good shape, with the former owner's initials being the most
obvious "bad thing."

TCP/IP Network Administration
System Performance Tuning

And, by-and-large, everyone's favorite overall admin book:
Unix System Administration Handbook
[an older edition; not sure which, and the cover's a bit scuffed.]

========================== original stuff ============================

Just a friendly reminder; if you intend on eating, please RSVP so I can
make the reservation accurate to within at least an order of magnitude.



Who:   Ourselves
What:  A discussion of whatever gets discussed; see below
Where: Martha's Exchange
When:  Thursday, November 17; 6:00 for grub, 7:30 for meeting
How:   Directions, etc., here:

In an attempt to not draw people away from our "quarterly" meetings (eg.,
last week's seacoast meeting), this month's meeting will be more of a
social event than a strict "meeting."  General socializing, with some Q&A
going, too.  So bring yourselves, and bring your questions. Heck: if
you're really stumped, bring your hardware, and we'll take a stab.

Looking forward, December's meeting -- which falls on the 15th -- will
bring us none other than Ben Scott to discuss DNS for those of us (*raises
hand*) who need a refresher.  [And, yes, this was pushed back a month.]

I'll send out a reminder shortly before the 17th.



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