DLSLUG Monthly Meeting - December 1st

Bill McGonigle bill at bfccomputing.com
Tue Nov 29 00:24:00 EST 2005

            Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Linux Users Group

The next regular monthly meeting of the DLSLUG will be held:
                    Thursday, December 1st, 7-9PM
at:         Dartmouth College, Carson Hall Room L01
                 All are welcome, free of charge.


7:00  Sign-in, networking

7:15  Introductory remarks

7:20  LVM - Logical Volume Manager
	  Presenter: Bill Stearns

       Bill Stearns has trained folks on LVM professionally for a
       nationally-renowned training organization and packages some
       LVM utilities. He'll give us the 1.5-hour overview version
       of what LVM is and how to make it work.

       Background from the LVM HOWTO:

       One of the difficult decisions when installing Linux is how
       to partition the disk drive making the installation more
       complex than is necessary. With logical volume management,
       the whole disk would be allocated to a single volume group
       and logical volumes created to hold the file systems.
       On large systems, the system administrator can "hold back"
       disk storage until it is required, and take old drives out
       of service without disrupting user service.

8:30  Roundtable Exchange - where the attendees can make
       announcements or ask a linux question.

Please see the website for links to directions.

If any area companies are interested in sponsoring refreshments, please
let me know.

Please RSVP so we can give a refreshment sponsor a headcount.


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    list and a Discuss list.  Please sign up for the Announce list
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