And just when you thought it was safe......HOSSTRADERS!

Jon maddog Hall maddog at
Sat Sep 17 10:11:02 EDT 2005


>Dates are Friday October 7 and Saturday October 8.

Hey!  It would not be a GNHLUG announcement if we included everything.  Besides,
the pointer to the hostraders page gave access to the dates...but thank you
anyway for adding that.

>I have the banner and will be there to help set up

Great!  Saves me from another trip.

>an 802.11b WAP

I may be able to find a home for that.

>let you store stuff before the event or overnight.

This brings up another item.  The area we are in is a building.  It is water
proof (much appreciated at most Hosstrader events), and is lockable and secure
at night (unlike a lot of other areas).  What this does mean is that people
can not come and look at the stuff all night....but it also means that we
can either sleep, look at other people's stuff, or drink beer during the
time it is locked.

So if you do have something that you would like to display but not sell, and it
is a little more valuable than the normal Hosstraders junk^H^H^H^H treasured
possessions, then it will be safe inside the building.

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