GNHLUG - Hosstraders - May 5 & 6 - Hopkinton

Ben Scott dragonhawk at
Wed Apr 19 07:36:00 EDT 2006

What : Hosstraders Hamfest
Who  : Anyone
Why  : Advocacy/education/help, buy/sell/trade, fun
Where: Hopkinton State Fairgrounds, Hopkinton, NH
Start: Fri 5 May at 9 AM
End  : Sat 6 May at around 2 PM

  It's Hosstraders time again!

  As many GNHLUGers know, it has become something of a tradition for GNHLUG
to have a table or two at the twice-yearly Hosstraders Hamfest. We demo
Linux, talk about Linux, answer questions about Linux, and generally do
Linux.  It also serves to help get the word out about GNHLUG and other LUGs.
Some years we've had a most excellent Linux+radio demo; other times we've
just done basic evangelizing.  We bring some computers and CD burners, and
run off copies of the latest distros on demand.  Sometimes, people bring
"stuff" to sell, and/or buy more "stuff" (which usually ends up back at
Hosstraders next year).  Greasy fair food is eaten, war stories are swapped,
and a good time is had by all.  And it rains.

  We welcome all comers at this.  If you're in the area, feel free to stop
by.  Any help anyone can provide is also appreciated, even if it's just
sitting at the booth for an hour or so (or longer).  More than anything,
what we do here is advocate Linux and answer questions.  If you know you'll
be there, please do me a favor and mail me to let me know.

What is Hosstraders?

  Hosstraders, in it's present form, is best described as "a flea market for
geeks", although it remains a hamfest (amateur radio gathering) at it's
core.  There are many vendors, both commercial and private, selling all
manner of things.  Ham radio exams are also given.  A raffle is held.

  All manner of things will be sold, including radio comm gear, electronics
test gear, computers and peripherals, power handling equipment, tools,
books, parts, and just about anything else.  It ranges from brand new to
moderately used to truly ancient.  The latest from Radio Shack to 1950s
tube-powered war surplus.  Software.  Old radio program recordings on CD.  I
think I've seen just about everything except human organs for sale at

  This spring, it will take place at the Hopkinton State Fairgrounds (about
15 minutes West of Concord), on Fri 5 May and Sat 6 May.  Gates are
officially open from 9 AM to 9 PM, but often open earlier and close later.
Some people arrive Thursday evening and camp overnight.  The place is
usually a ghost town by around 2 PM on Saturday, though.

  More information can be found at ("official"
site) and (unofficial).

Admission and Costs

  $5 to get in ($10 before 3PM on Friday), and all the profit goes to help
injured children.  It's $10 for your own "seller's space".  GNHLUG has a
space; if you volunteer to help at the booth you can use some of that, so
long as it "works with Linux" somehow.  There's also a $10 fee for overnight

Helping Out

  You'll need a pulse.  If you've used Linux, that's nice, too.  Seriously,
I'm asking mainly for people to help evangelize Linux to a bunch of other
geeks.  I might ask for someone to keep an eye on the both for a bit here
and there (during bio breaks and my own 'osstrading), but not a lot of that.

  People with radio experience are especially welcome.

  I will arrive there early (hopefully) Friday morning, and be there both
days.  Others are welcome anytime.

  See you there!

-- Ben Scott, Self-Appointed GNHLUG Loud-Mouth

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